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Born 1930 (-2009), Pretoria

STUDIED Under Walter Battiss, Pta. Continental School of Art, CT, under Maurice van Essche.

1948- 52: Central School, London.

SUMMARY BIOGRAPHY Taught briefly at Pta Tech.

1953: returned to London, where he enjoyed some success as a portraitist; among his sitters were Leslie Hore-Belisha, Sir Hartley-Shawcross, Hugh Gaitskell and Arthur Koestler; lived for a while in Amsterdam, worked in printing and publishing field.

1954: returned to SA; employed as artist on the staff of the 'Pretoria News'.

1955: settled in Bloemfontein; practised as a commercial artist; made paintings and graphic studies of old buildings in Bloemfontein and OFS villages; married fellow-artist, Marianne Podlashuc*.

1958: founder-member and driving force of the Bloemfontein Group*.

1964: moved to PE, where he became lecturer, and later head of the Graphic Dept, at the Tech Art School.

1973: six months on Greek Islands (three months on Patmos, three months on Samos). Art critic for PE newspaper, 'Die Oosterlig'.


1952: first one-man exbib, Pta.

1958: Bloemfontein Group exhibs.

1966: Rep Fest Exhib, Pta.

1978/9: SA Art, touring USA.

1979: 'SA Printmakers', SA Nat Gal, CT; one-man exhib at UNISA, The Passion of Judas Iscariot - 24 linocuts.

1981: Rep Fest Exhib, Dbn.


William Humphreys Gal, Kmbly; Hester Rupert Art Mus, GR; Pta Art Mus; SA Nat Gal, CT; King George VI Gal, PE; Pietersburg Collec.


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Title: Rose Garden with Archives
Size: 53 x 83 cm
Media: Oil on board
ID: 27608
Price on request Framed

Alexander PODLASHUC is a figurative painter of social-realist inclinations. In spirit and in his dry, linear technique he is related to a number of English artists of similar intention, i.a LS Lowry and Carel Weight. He has declared his lack of sympathy with the non-figurative approaches and, while he engages in a certain amount of stylization in his rendering of his subjects, he places greater emphasis on the narrative than on its formal presentation.
Yet his work is saved from purely illustrational effect by the sensitivity of drawing and the economy and sympathy with which he presents his images. Usually he deals with human subjects - Rose Garden with Archive is typical of his subjectmatter and his style in graphic media.

A major subsequent achievement was the series of linocuts, The Passion of Judas Iscariot, conceived during his stay on the island of Patmos in 1973 and worked on for several years thereafter. Podlashuc's visit to Greece coincided with the terror and bruta­lity of the Colonels' Revolution; and it was against that background that his visual and verbal 'Reflections on Betrayal and Faith' (the linocuts and accom­panying verses) were developed. Yet again in this forceful, Dureresque pictorial commentary does Alexander Podlashuc reaffirm his humanism and pro­found compassion.

Reference Esme` Berman ( Berman's Art & Artists of South Africa )

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