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Bridget Heneck, a Cape Town, South Africa-based contemporary artist, applies her multi-disciplinary background and talents to inject unique and innovative elements into her broad range of work.

Africa’s light, vast open expanses and abundance of biodiverse plants and animals provide continual inspiration for Bridget. This is reflected in her precise representation in botanical drawings, large wildlife oil paintings and the decorative elements that enhance her ceramic pieces.
Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Bridget earned a BA in Fine Art, majoring in Jewellery Design at Stellenbosch University. She went on to become a lecturer at Ruth Prowse Art School in Cape Town and taught jewellery making in the United States at the New Jersey School for Visual Arts. Her numerous awards for jewellery design include recognition from The American Gold Council and De Beers.

While living in Westfield, New Jersey from 1985-2006 she focused on decorative and mural painting. It was after she returned with her family to Cape Town that she discovered her love of working at the pottery wheel, becoming a ceramicist in residence at Art in the Forest in Cape Town for six years. Currently working from her own studio spaces in Constantia and Kommetjie, she creatively integrates jewellery designs with ceramics to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Title: Mkuru - Delta Day
Size: 20 x 20 cm (x 3)
Media: Oil on canvas
ID: 28524
Price: R 9 000 Framed

Bridget’s expansive work in various media has been exhibited at art shows and galleries in South Africa. Her pottery and paintings grace homes and galleries around the world.

According to Bridget, “My purpose is to inspire others to become more intensely aware of the natural world around them. Through my work, I hope to open people’s eyes and sweep them up into the beauty and fragility of our endangered species while bringing a sense of peace into their lives.”

How Bridget named her paintings

By Bridget herself :

"My paintings are often fantastical and from my imagination.  So the titles of the paintings tend to
have made up names.  When I painted a picture of flying crockery I called it "The Sauceress "
Which had a play on the word saucer and sorceress. As it was a real saucer and it was doing
something magical. 
The recently sold painting of an African Goshawk I called "Eat,prey,love”. This was intended as a pun on
the book Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The painting included the food that the bird would prey
On and eat and possibly love.  The food was represented in decorative pattern form on the canvas. So the food was factual,
decorative and compositional. 

I am drawn to the words that have multiple meanings.  Which can refer to what you seeing at the first 
glance of the painting but are subject to interpretation by the viewer.  The words are often 
ambiguous giving the viewer the opportunity to form their own conclusions.  The names of the paintings are merely
a guide to help the audience enter into the thought process behind the work. Hoping the viewer will glean some new

The painting Es Cape Town. Hopefully gets a smile for the pun on escape and Cape Town.  I 
also include writing in my painting.  I love the shapes of the calligraphy of the words and the information
that it communicates about the subject. I have included my Es Cape Town painting as an example."


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Title: Bubo Africanus
Size: 101 x 75 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
ID: 27890
Price: R 29 000 Framed
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