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1960 born in Johannesburg, South Africa

“I had a dream, which shed some light on my reasons for painting. I found myself in a room filled with paint buckets. Some were empty, some half full and I was lifting up the lids of the buckets, peering into each one to see if that one had what I was searching for. A voice spoke from outside my dream and asked me what I was looking for and I replied, "I am looking for my soul" I paint because I cannot not paint.

The subject matter I choose is aspects and objects of life, which I resonate with. There is a desire to return to nature and the tangibility it has to offer. There is for me a reassuring honesty in nature. Western secular life style has created boundaries between the physical and the spiritual and that influences ones ability to see clearly. We are bombarded through the media, the government, dogma etc. of how we should live, what we should think, what is right and what is wrong so that we are left with no thoughts of our own and the person we started off with has become a clone of society.

With painting it is an attempt to connect with that force which fills one with a deeper understanding of what is.”

Estelle Kenyon

BA Ed Fine Arts, University of Pretoria, 1987.

SA Broadcasting Corporation 1988 - 1992. Worked in the news department in the Quantel Paintbox, producing logos, graphics, illustrations, etc. Painting full time since 1992.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zaire
Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa
French Embassy, South Africa
French Embassy, Namibia
Harvard Business School, Boston, US
Moni's Corporate Collection, S.Africa
Private Collections, Germany
Private Collection, Portugal
Private Collection, Switzerland
Private Collection, Colorado, US

Estelle Kenyon

Title: Lulu
Size: 30 x 24 cm
Media: Oil
Price: R 3 500 Unframed
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