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Hilary Maraney is a South African artist, author, teacher and healer. She works in various mediums. Large format metaphysical and abstract paintings, oil on canvas and figurative drawings using charcoal including Chinese Ink and gauche. She is the founder of a self-publishing hybrid entity called Dinky-Bloc. She is the author of a literary memoir, entitled,I Married My Mother. An accompanying black and white vintage newspaper supplement produced by Dinky-Bloc was stocked in niche art books stores in Europe.
Her abstract paintings out image multi-lifetime maps. The paintings represent a state of expanding consciousness in which all form is interrelated. They are visions of a metaphysical or imaginary world of dreams which are structures representing multiple parallel lifetimes. The work ties in with Eastern mysticism and physics - Chinese Buddhist philosophy concerned with interrelations of things; everything a process in transition, ever changing rather than a fixed thing or substance.

Studied art at the Green and Sea Point Art Centre and the Ruth Prowse School.

Continued with BA Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Art- Cape Town University.

Studied drama at the Maas Philips School of Speech & Drama. Trinity College Teacher’s and Performers diploma.

Spent a year teaching, directing and performing for Maas Phillips.

worked for SABC as an actress for Springbok and English radio departments.

left South Africa for U.K.

Over the next eight years studied art intensely and extensively at the Camden School of Art and Keely house incorporating various methods of drawing and painting including Sumi (Chinese brush) continuing with printmaking and lithography.


exhibited in Hampstead at the Camden Studio.
Participated in a joint exhibition at the Andrew Usiskin Gallery in Hampstead.

showed selection of pastel portraits at the Ben Uri Gallery in Soho.
exhibited at Keely House in Holborn.

Participated in joint exhibition at Burgh House in Hampstead. Work accepted for summer exhibition at The Royal Academy.


won competition for selection of photographic work included in group exhibition at The Royal Festival Hall.

Photographic work chosen as part of the Vision of Race Unity for the Baha’s of the United States of New York.
At the same time (1987 – 1990) attended highly charged, exciting drama workshops at the City Literary Institute in Covent Garden including working through the Stanislavsky method, Uta Hagen and a series of psychodrama classes.
From 1990 onwards took part in regular weekly meetings of spiritual healers which led to my joining the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in the U.K.
As I started to create a structure for the healing work I moved away from figurative studies and began to draw or paint out my own or others past life experiences. The progression has taken me on a journey allowing the effect of light on colour to create abstract images that change depending on the viewers perspective. These paintings are holographic, meditative mandalas, light encoded vibrations of energy linked to sound and colour manifesting through geometric signs or holographic symbols.
1992 joined a dynamic group of writers working in various fields of education, theatre and film. Scripted and co-directed commercial for Major League Baseball in New York.

concentrated on the area of the novel and performance poetry.

moved back to S.A.

1997 Exhibition at the Franz Huppertz Gallery in Cape Town.

– ONGOING- teaching art, creative writing & drama.
Paintings sold privately in London, Berlin and NYC.

2007 – 2013

Launched Dinky-Bloc Publishers (Independent)
Published literary memoir, I Married My Mother by Hilary Maraney including the creation and distribution of The Kinema Post
(vintage newspaper supplement to accompany the paperback)

2010 – 2012

Photographing backstage rehearsal’s of Cape Town City Ballet at Artscape Theatre.
My interest in photography is mainly in capturing the moments between movements.

various art works blogged extensively on POP Magazine London’s multi-blog platform THE POP and featured on ASVOF - ashadedviewonfashion blog in Paris by chocolatecake.

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Title: San Pan
Size: 115 x 136 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: R40 000  Unframed (canvas on a stretcher)
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