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Educated / Parktown Boys High
Life Philosophy / Dedication eliminates process

Long before leaving high school I knew that art had chosen me for a lifetime partnership.

I am hugely interested in and preoccupied with South African Landscapes.

My approach has evolved from precious brushwork to far more spontaneous painting, constantly striving for new and interesting ways of seeing things. The foundations for my life as an artist were grounded in years of discipline as a professional illustrator.

More recently, my paintings merge what I call Impact Impressionism and an even more Modern Expressionist interpretation.

Ultimately…no matter how divergent, the underlying message is all about self-discovery and personal fulfilment. I am convinced that good technique facilitates passion.

Title: Upstream
Size: 74.5 x 100 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
ID: 24817
Price: R 22 500, unframed
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