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Born 1963, Cape Town, South Africa

My uniqueness as an artist lies in the extremely versatile approach to my art. Always interested in the work of the Old and Modern masters, I employ different techniques in oils and watercolours ranging from Realism, to Impressionism, to Abstraction.

A hallmark of all these aspects is my overriding interest in depicting colour and capturing the light. Part of this journey of exploration has been the creation of multipanelled doors and windows on themes such as Africa, the Middle East, The Fullness of Time and Fynbos Window.

My delicate and finely detailed watercolours reflect my interest in the natural world. I am an amateur naturalist who delights in recording the changing seasons and myriads of creatures and plants that inhabit my world. I am passionately committed to conservation of species and land, and education of people through my art concerning the life that is found on their doorstep. All local fauna and flora have been painted from life, study skins, photographs or in situ.

In 2008 I launched a small business called Cape Fauna and Flora aimed at circulating affordable, good quality cards and art prints which can be found at various outlets in the Western Cape and at The South African Print Gallery.

All artworks are done on hot or cold pressed watercolour paper, Fredrix cotton canvas, Belgian linen or canvas board.

My work can be found in various private collections in South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, France, USA, Germany, Singapore, Israel, Australia and New Zealand." - Inge Semple


Attended Frank Joubert Art Centre - class with Mr Van Zyl Le Grange

Studied BA Fine Art HDE at Stellenbosch University, graduated cum laude, with lecturers Larry Scully, Paul Emsley, Ellalou O’Meara, and Cecil Skotnes

Completed Nature illustration course with Sally Price, SA Museum

Studied Book Illustration with Mel Todd at Foundation School
of Art, Observatory

Short Life Drawing course at Frank Joubert , adult classes

1992, 1996
Completed two Botanical Illustration courses with Dr John Manning, Kirstenbosch

Completed a year’s course in Oil Painting with Lyn Northam


Watercolours, group exhibition at The Cape Gallery
Review, group exhibition at The Cape Gallery

Pause; the annual wildlife exhibition at The Cape Gallery

Group Botanical Prints Exhibition at The South African
Print Gallery
4th solo exhibition at The Cape Gallery, Church Street,
Cape Town

Group exhibitions with SASA

Group exhibitions at Kirstenbosch with Cape Artist groups
and Original Cape Art

SASA Merit Exhibition February

Certificate of Commendation for a watercolour,
”Persimmons” , 104th annual SASA exhibition

3rd solo exhibition of 100 paintings at Sanlam Hall, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Solo Exhibition at opening of Cape Research Centre, Tokai

2nd solo painting exhibition with sculptor Guy Luck at Tokai Library

Joint Exhibition with Francoise Viglietti and Tina Schultz at Nova Constantia Cellars
Participated in the Gahamstown Christian Arts Festival

Exhibited at first Kirstenbosch Botanical Biennale

1999, 2000
Group exhibitions of artists at Friends First Church

1st solo painting exhibition with potter Tina Schultz at
Nova Constantia Cellars

First exhibition a sell out- Group exhibition with painter Francoise Viglietti and potters Ronelle Rudman and Lissa Claassens,
Nova Constantia Cellars

Joint staff art exhibition Frank Joubert Art Centre

Joint staff art exhibition Fairmont High School


1986- present
Taught art and design privately to children, teens and adults,
The Camphors Art Academy

Illustrated children’s book “Let’s Do Cartwheels” in
colour published by Cambridge University Press

Accepted illustrating work from various educational publishers
in Cape Town

Taught art in the Cape at Fairmont High School , Settlers High school and Frank Joubert Art Centre, to children and teens


"I have had a celebratory feeling as I prepare for my 4th solo exhibition to coincide with my 50th birthday. What a privilege to have lived my entire life in the Cape surrounded by so much natural beauty. I am thankful to God for causing me to be born at this time and place.

An artist for whom a sense of place has always been very important, capturing the unique sense of light here is my enduring quest.

We have lived a slower life in a rural setting in Tokai for the past 21 years where protecting our geese from the local caracal and the seasonal search for edible mushrooms were preoccupations.  I have loved depicting the evening light on the streams in the newly restored Tokai wetland. The birds represented by the 10 nests depicted could all be found in our area.

Resulting from a farming family background in Stellenbosch from the time of Van Riebeeck, and living in a family that enjoys good home cooked food,  I have affirmed my Dutch and French roots in the still lifes.

The move to an urban setting earlier in 2013 caused me to seek out aspects of colour, light and beauty in what some would see as a grey cityscape.

A common thread throughout the rural and urban settings depicted is reflections in glass and water and the resulting distortion, magnification of light and colourful shadow.

Influences detected in my work could refer to Willem Kalf, Chardin, Turner and Constable, Monet, and Alvaro Castagnet. A passion for art teaching has caused me to recently re-question, “What is Art?” As we consider the answers it is my pleasure to share this part of my journey with you, the viewer." - Inge Semple

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