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Born in Kimberley, South Africa

"I find myself returning again and again to painting dancing people. I am entranced by the spontaneous and vibrant movement of the dance, the celebratory dress. I paint to share my happiness. As I paint the vigorous and extravagant shapes, I take joy in the sensuous slide of brush on canvas; I seek to convey my deep affection and admiration for the subject. The processes of painting have become an integral part of my life. I would encourage people to be present and enjoy the momentous impact of abundant life on all their senses. Colour resonates to mood in my work.
Recently I have explored the drama and poignancy of the 'untold story'. Set in frames these figures relate to each other and the viewer. The enigma persists, who are they, where do they come from, where are they going?
I indulge my sense of occasion in painting flowers and fruit. In these works I explore pulsating colour, I become so absorbed in what I am doing that painting becomes a purely instinctive action.
I leave the viewers to their perceptions"

Nothard observes the women of Africa – traversing the land, dancing, carrying baskets of produce, reclining or just sitting, contained in thought.

“The two years I lived in Swaziland contributed to my admiration for black women and women in general. Their dignity, steadfastness, warmth and humour have always remained with me and are a source of inspiration.”.

In her paintings their movements and graceful gestures are heightened and made more apparent in the formal folds of their flowing garb. “I have a fascination with the flamboyant dress and cloths of the people of West Africa, particularly Senegalese, with whom I came into contact through my work. A strong image still remains with me of General Obesanjo walking into our offices in Parliament when he was a member of the Eminent Persons Group in (I think) 1984, dressed in a flowing pale blue robe. He made a startling contrast to the sober dark wool suits of the South African Members of Parliament.”

Clear, bright colour is a signature of her work. Masks, drums, exotic patterned clothes and flowers suggest a celebration – a special occasion. The clear contrasts of high key colour are hallmark of her work. She displays a healthy romanticism born of her love of Africa.

Speaking of her experiences in Africa she says:

“I was born and spent most of my childhood in Kimberley before we moved to Namibia, Oranjemund and later Swaziland. When I was transferred to Johannesburg, I attended Johannesburg Art Foundation. As I knew not a soul, it seemed a wonderful way of pursuing an interest and meeting people. Later I studied with Peter de la Porte. Bonnie Alice was my sculpture teacher and has extended my capabilities and love of the “three dimensional medium.

In August 1999 my life changed dramatically and the security of a stimulating full time employment was exchanged for the challenge and excitement of devoting all my time and energy to painting and sculpture. As one of my sons’s said: Mom, most people your age don’t want to turn over a page, but you have started a whole new book.

I am at the beginning of my journey through art and have never intellectualised why I paint what I do. But I obtain great joy and peace through my portrayals of women in various guises. Generally my work falls into two segments, painting and sculpture.

My sculptures are realised in solid masses in bronze and I try to integrate a little humour into them as well as create a desire in the viewer to touch and feel them.”


Jenny Nothards watercolour illustrations have been published in Garden and Home.
Habitat Magazine March April Edition 2000

Art in Action weekend which was organised by the School for Practical Philosophy during October.
"Four Women" a combined exhibition of four artists
2000, 2001
Solo Exhibitions at The Cape Gallery
Original Cape Art" exhibition held at Kirstenbosch

Garden and Home.
Habitat Magazine March April Edition 2000
Corporate Collections:
Khula Investments (Pty) Limited
Mr J Michelle (French Embassy - 1994)
Mrs Andre Geldenhuys - decorator
Mr John Barry, Chairman Adcorp Holdings
Mr Steve Lambright - Vice President Anheuser-Busch, St Louis USA
Mr Terry Moolman, Chairman, CTP/Caxton
Mrs Drene Nupen - Electoral Institute of SA
Group Five Head Office
Portrait of Nick Irish for Cement Merchants Assoc.
Capital Alliance
Ms Wambui Mwangi, Goree Institute, Senegal
Ms Kim Brice, Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
Wooltru Head Office, Cape Town

My work is held in collections in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Antigua and the United States.

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Title: Lady in Red
Size: 90 x 30 cm
Media: Oil on canvas
Price: R 5 950 Unframed
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