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John Bauer’s says: I have a fetish for texture & technology. This exhibition marks a zenith moment of the culmination of the last seven and a half years of textural collecting, accumulating and re-mastering; a journey from which one often could not return from. The ponderances have finally formed the utterances and I would be delighted to have the happenstance of your ears.

My tools range from things as basic as earth; sorted and purified into cobalts, coppers, zinc and lithium enabling magnamatic adventures and investigations as to the alchemy of light itself as I essentially dye light using crystal matrixes grown within the glassy layer.

My life is lived as an extended parable. Nothing is unobtainable. Life has been easier for us than any other civilization and this is why difficulties arise. If everybody can see themselves as role models almost every problem humanity faces would cease to exist.


Dream now, dream not, the annual Winter Solstice Exhibition, The Cape Gallery

The Rain Maker, the annual Winter Solstice Exhibition, The Cape Gallery

Threshold, the annual Winter Solstice Exhibition, The Cape Gallery

John Bauer
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Title: Rain on puddle
Media: Porcelain in-caustic
Size: 25 x 34 cm
Price: R 7 850

John Bauer Art

Made in tjina

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