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  Leon de Bliquy   Leon de Bliquy
  Leon de Bliquy   Leon de Bliquy
The first Jester to appear was “The Word Jester
He came in autumn when the Oaks were shedding gold,
When, a festival of words blew waves of metaphors into the
thought laden air. I took my usual inspirational stroll in an Oak
lined avenue without a hat and as chance would have it an acorn
bounced off my newly shaven head.
This blessing from an autumn Muse proved to be the impregnation
of surprising inspiration.

Word Jester, 149 X 139 mm. Acrylic on canvas

Wat wil die Nar sê?
Woorde, metafore vir gedagtes,
sinspeling op sinne, sinnelose uitsprake
van wysheid, insigte deursigtig in ervaringswaas,
helderheid met klanke vertroebel, vermomings wat geen aanstoot
gee, verkledings wat droefheid versier en eensaamheid verswelg.
Praat om te vermaak, lag met verdriet, speel met wat voorkom in
een hand en in die ander, iets wat alles anders bespiet.
Dans op waardig gebied, sonder skroom op eenmalig musiek.
Vertel met ligaamstaal, verstaanbaar in spieëls, die waarheid siet.

Die Kok-Nar, 150 X 100 mm, Acrylic on canvas

The second Jester appeared shortly after the Word Jester had
received much attention, admiration, documentation and general
registration. The word festival had begun and culinary
expectations were being projected by a cooking friend, whilst
partaking in a morning coffee delight at Café Dijon, in the very
street where my Oaken Blessing fell.
The Chef then shared his culinary mission for the day and then the
little bruise on my scalp echoed the tingle of inspirational
sound…”Die Kok-Nar” were the words that brought this painting to life.

 Wat wil die Kok-Nar kook?
Geregte met smaak en veelvuldig keur,
resepte na stemming van weleer.
Speel met sy spieëlpan, toor met daagliks brood
oor ’n vlam van lewenslus en so,
 fynproewers’ saligheid te blus.
Hy bedien sy kuns op borde van goeie wil ,
versier met aandag,
die oordelens oog van Koning klant te stil.

The Chef’s words, recipes and perceptions of his Jesting role,
swirling in the air above my naked head, I walked around the
block to find a Jester seated in his creative paradise, where light,
colour and twinkling Rainbow Things abound.
That’s where this bright Jester was found.

The Colour Jester – Die Kleur-Nar, 130 X 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Wat kleur die Kleur-Nar?
Hy kleur die lewe met vrolik humeur
In prentjies om die Reenboog te vereer.

A visitor came to negotiate the acquisition of a painting and saw
The Word Jester standing in my passage.
My visitor’s curiosity then moved the Jester Muse to sow more
words in the season of gold. Security was my visitor’s business
mode. He was inspired to let “Die Slot-Nar” transpire, but the
Muse caused The Music Jester to replace my visitor’s desire. Two
seasons later, this Jester did his first dance on a magic stone in France.

Die Slot-Nar – The Lock Jester, Image size 47 X 32 cm, 4 colour lithograph

Wat sluit die Slot-Nar?
Hy sluit gehue, gehegtheid en die genade van onsekerheid, om
veilig in onwetenheid te verkeer.

The Law Jester, 53 X 37 cm, 4 colour lithograph

What wager doth the Law Jester wage?
Not to win or to loose,
That’s for the Justice Jester to peruse.

According to the entries in my sketch book several Jesters sprang
to the pages in short succession and underwent transformation in
Atelier Grand Village.

Die Wyn-Nar, 75 X 57 cm, 5 colour Lithograph

Stellenbosch is not only known for the Oaks that scatter golden
leaves and drop acorns on unsuspecting artists’ heads, but for the
blessings endowed by Wine Makers and the adoration of The Vine.

Wat is die Wyn-Nar se droom?
‘n Goeie oesjaar
Om diep in sy kelder te laat slaap
En later in iemand anders ’n droom te laat ontwaak.

7, 8, 9, 10.
The Jester Quartet, each 33 X 24 cm, A set of four 4 colour Lithographs

The Flower Jester
What scent beguiles this Jester most?
What perfume inspires this olfactory fiend?
What flavor charms his tasting palate and nimble tongue?
It’s the mystery of flowers on the wind.
It’s the memories of earthly delights
that quench desires so quick to pass
through an expectant orifice
between eye and heart
that fulfill a passing sense. 

Die Vuur-Nar  -  The Fire Jester

Wat brand die Vuur-Nar?
Sy brand die verlede met yskoue waaragtigheid
om haar skaamte te veras.
Sy brand die toekoms met die vlam van oortuiging
wat haar trots verdamp.
Sy brand alles wat voorkom
in die vonk van aanwesigheid.

The Music Jester - Die Musiek-Nar

Wat is dit wat die Musiek-Nar maak?
Hy pluk aan snaar, tokkel op klavier,
om luisterende oor te plesier en soms
oop harte saggies met liefde te raak.

The Flying Jester

Whither doth the Flying Jester fly?
Somewhere and eventually to return,
past the moon or into the blinding sun?
To imagine wings,
not to ask where this desire to fly begun.

Die Geld-Nar  -  The Money Jester, 70 X 48 cm, 4 colour Lithograph

Wat is die Geld-Nar se grootste plesier?
Om te skommel met koper, silver, goud en papier
Om meer te maak van iets
wat vloei soos ’n nimmer eindig rivier.

Birthday Jester, 100 X 80 cm, Acrylic on canvas

One evening in France a Printing Jester
was moved to dance,
the music was wild and rhythm began
a chaotic trance which caused spectacles to fly
to the floor of The Studio Barn and devide,
two halves, lenses, frame and ear holding curls,
became a chance to dance this regenerating prance.
and thus the reflected numerals
sixty nine, a Birthday greeting in advance.

Two Fools, a painting and a boat, 80 X 100 cm, Oil and Tempera on canvas

There is a painting titled “The Ship of Fools” that made a journey
from North to South along a devious route.

Its destination well known to those who deal in the exchange of
Art. This reflection of a painting fool leaping from a metaphoric
sinking boat with a steadying foolish hand will in time reveal the
mystery of an enigmatic ship destined to sail imagination’s ocean wide.

Jumping Jester, 70 X 80 cm, Oil and Tempera on canvas

In which direction does he jump?
The only option for any creature is up,
However slight or forceful the intent.
A moment of freedom, short and quickly spent
Will cause an uncertain gravitational delight,
a landing, uncertain but without a trace of fright.

Writing Jester – Skryf-Nar, 80 X 70 cm, Tempera and oil on canvas

Wat skryf die Skryf-Nar?
Hy skryf letters aanmekaar geryg
om te getuig oor alles skryfbaar,
vir erkenning en gejuig.

The perfume Jester, 80 X 60 cm, Oil on canvas

What scent beguiles this olfactory fool?
Is it the mystery of flowers on a breeze
or the memory of earthly delight
that excite, in passing through that curious nose?

The Jester’s Hat I, 70 X 50 cm, Oil and Tempera on canvas

Why does the Jester don a three cornered hat?
Is it not so that some unknowing King decreed.
This cultural phenomenon
alluding to a pair of ears and following tail
of a stubborn mule.

The Jester’s Hat II, 83 X 60 cm, Oil and Tempera on canvas

Waarom dra die Nar ‘n driehoek hoed?
Een of ander Koning het hom met die bevel versoen.
Was dit om dwaasheid te laat geld, twee ore, ’n eselstert wat volg,
word as symbool genoem.

Music Jester –Musiek-Nar, 83 X 60 cm, Oil on canvas

Wat maak die Musiek-Nar?
Hy pluk aan snaar tokkel op klavier,
blaas ’n deuntjie om luisterend oor te plisie
en soms oop harte saggies met liefde te raak

The Key Jester, 70 X 60 cm, Oil on canvas

He deems to have those tricks
that unlock hidden chambers of the mind
where secrets transform through passing time.
He claims the skill to liberate
whatever mysteries
King Mind is able to devise.

The Infernal Jester, 120 X 60 cm, Oil and Tempera on canvas

What eruption consumes this Jester?
Is it the mystic spark of inspiration
that ignites his creative soul,
or is it a desire evoked by his Muse
that quenches the burning thirst
beyond his egoistic will?    
Note about medium: Leon paints in tempera using raw pigments, egg and dammar varnish. Grounds are prepared with French chalk, Titanium Oxide, Gelatine and Boiled Linseed oil.
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