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Michael Wolfson was born in Manchester, England just before World War II . He painted from a very early age but, while never abandoning the visual arts, he followed his other love, music, professionally.

Although he was naturally artistic, his painting skills were honed by Sidney Goldblatt and George Boyes. Mike has held successful solo and group exhibitions and his work has been sold through prestigious galleries country wide.

The pigments Mike uses are often made from natural earths he gathers round Cape Town. He enjoys the painting process holistically and starts by creating his own paints and mediums from old master artists’ recipes which he has discovered and developed over years.

“My painting is representative but figurative rather than photographic. I am moved by images of the natural world which form the subjects of my paintings.

Most important to me is that attempt recreate the different moods and impressions which the subject suggests in order to share my experience with the viewer.

No artists works in isolation and in seeking to move forward I look toward to the great art of the past and present. To name just a few the artists whose work I most admire; the landscapes of Corot, Pissaro and the British painter Edward Seago, the figure paintings and portraits of Courbet and Lucien Freud.. and the paint textures of Rembrandt’s late portraits”.

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Title: Claremont Street rain
Size: 54.5 x 42 cm
Media: Oil
Price: R 6 000
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