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PHYLLIDA LOUW (née van der Riet)

Phyllida was born in Port Elizabeth into a family who were always painting, drawing, sculpting & designing. Although she practised varying art forms extra-murally she only studied art seriously after matriculating.
She studied B.A. Fine Arts at Rhodes University then studied Textile Design at P.E. Technikon where she achieved distinction in Botanical drawing.
She practised Textile Design in Cape Town for several years. Shortly after marrying Louis they embarked on an adventure in which they delivered a yacht to the Maldives off India. From Cape Town following the coast of South Africa through the Mozambique Channel, they stopped at the Commore Islands & the Seychelles, finally reaching the Maldives. They experienced all the different cultures and also dived the coral reefs. From there they went on to explore Sri Lanka, Thailand and Hong Kong. When she became a stay- at – home Mom she continued her creative bent in designing and making clothes and jewellery. She also followed her love of working with clay in ceramics & sculpture as well as drawing in pen & ink and watercolour painting. When she became a professional dancer, she performed in France and England and was enthralled by the arts and culture there. She then started a business as a Landscape Designer which has been going for 15 years. Recently she began exploring the field of oil painting & instinctively fell into her love of plants by depicting indigenous flowers for which she has such an affinity. She has been under the tuition of Julia Teale at the Spencer Street Studios.
Her work is realist in style and the colours are vibrant. Bright sunlight infuses the subjects with luminosity & creates strong contrasts with their shadows. Each painting is an accurately drawn depiction & intense study of the subjects.
Artists whose use of colour has made an impression are Raphael, Titian, van Gogh & the Fauves. She admires the work of the Italian Renaissance in particular Michelangelo’s rendering of superhuman form & athletic beauty, & Leonardo’s attention to detail & sense of mysticism. The Baroque Period in which Caravaggio’s realism & use of chiaroscuro emerged, have had a profound influence on her work.
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Title: Leonotis (Wild Dagga) Kirstenbosch
Size: 30 x 30 cm
Media: Oil on Canvas
ID: 28627
Price: R 5 250 Unframed
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