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Born in Queenstown in 1965.

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Part of Shepherd’s artistic skill was acquired during his studies at Sivuyele College in Guguletu (1994/1995) and earlier with the Visual Arts Group in Nyanga (1987), but his diligent practice and undoubted talent can be said to be the main force behind his imaginative art work. Shepard has been painting and sculpting since 1985.

He has participated in several group exhibitions at the South African National Gallery, at the SA Association of Arts in Cape Town and in several of the community centres in Guguletu and Nyanga. Recently he took part in the very successful workshop and exhibition which AVA organised and hosted, Sculptures in Wood.

Shepherd participated in the group show “Encompass” at the Cape Gallery in 2005

Shepard lives and works in Nyanga, Cape Town.

People asked Shepherd what he had painted as they watched him frame the completed work so he wrote out the following explanation:

“People work in the graveyard and the candle (falls down) and burns the Bible. People loose hope about the world of God. People killed each other.

The star is red. That means people continued to be killed.

The Stepladder - it’s the way to go to the peace. Only the Hero can go there.

The two horns - it’s the voice of the President. When it (each horn) speaks to the countries they must help. In Global.

The Snake: it's around the (whole) of South Africa. (Its Head rests) On top of the Constitution of the Nation. He Boy (lures?) the people kills one another.
October 1999. The eye on (is on) the flag. People watch.”

Shepherd explained further that the bird is the messenger - it would seem that the ladder leads to a kind of nest or hole in the sky.


Siyakubona, group exhibition at The Cape Gallery
Turn Around Time, annual Winter Solstice exhibition at The Cape Gallery

Continuum, Annual Winter Solstice exhibition at The Cape Gallery

shephard mbanya
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Title: Care for the animal
Size: 36 x 44 x 4 cm
Media: wood
Price: R 4 000

Conversation with Shephard about the above Winged figure Sculpture:

"The bird on top is a vulture. This represents the people that only think about money. The wings are of the angel." I asked him if it was a good or bad angel and he was definite that it was a good angel. From our conversation it come across that Shepard has an ambivalent view of the church. On the one hand he knows faith make people strong but, on the other hand, he feels there are some people that are using the bible only as a tool to make money and are forgetting the message of love. They bow down to the person that pays them rather then the greatest good of all.

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