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"Architecture is a passion of mine. Not new, grandiose buildings, but the old slightly derelict, slightly dirty buildings. Buildings that have aged and matured with the people living and working in them. These places with a character that only develops with time. Think of all the old cafe’s in South Africa. Every little town has a few of them. Old Facades with a rundown look, despite the bright, new, red Coca Cola signs painted across the front windows. Places we have been visiting for years and still do. If you look at the woodcuts I want you to be able to smell fresh bread and Boxer Tobacco you could buy there as a child..... and then remember: They are still there! I am also fascinated by small quiet still lives. Objects you do not always really see when you look at it; an old mug or a bunch of unpretentious garden flowers in an old bottle. I hope that when you look at my woodcut-art you would really see and experience the beauty in little things in life that you would not previously have looked at twice. May it enrich your life."

"I love the reduction-woodcut as a medium for its honest reproduction of what happens on the woodblock. Every cut or chiselled mark will be directly reproduced on the artwork. There can be no touch up, hiding or painting over as with other mediums. No taking away, no adding on. The unpredictability of the inking process makes the forming of the image on paper a breathtaking experience from beginning to end"

Emile Manefeldt

emile manefeldt

Title: Winter Dawn 6/7
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Media: Woodcut
Price: R 870 Framed
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