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Born 10th April, 1950 in Vasco, Cape Town. Died 30th May 2008

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Makeleni comes from a family of traditional artists who have passed down their sculpting skills from generation to generation. He began working with modern graphic and painting media in 1980, joining the Visual Art Group in 1990. His work reflects a fusion of traditional skill and exposure to modern techniques. Makeleni describes himself as a popular, traditional artist. He is motivated by the need for development in his community and seeks to empower it with his vision and skill.

Makeleni spends much time in the community and has taught part-time classes at Community Arts Projects. He also taught at Zolani Centre. In November 1993, he ran a workshop on wire and pliers sculpture, the theme being "Line as an Expressive and Design Element". He used a similar theme in a toy-making workshop. In the same year he participated in a workshop on "Structure, Form and Volume" using the papier-mâché technique (a mixture of newspaper, starch and water supported by wire frame armature). These constructions were painted, colour and line adding expression to the formal elements. Simple, basic materials were used to create the structures; tempera paints, paint brushes, tin cans, wire and pliers.
Makeleni is a promising up-and-coming artist who is making his mark on South African art. He has exhibited in various group exhibitions.

Siyakubona, group exhibition at The Cape Gallery

Participated in the group show ”Encompass” at the Cape Gallery

V& A Waterfront Scottish Exhibitions
Irma Stern Group Exhibition - Black Bride

US Gallery - Sculptors of the Western Cape
Mayibuye Centre, UWC (VAG)
University of Cape Town

Group Exhibition at Gallery International
Cape Town Manenburg Peoples' Centre
Zolani Centre, Nyanga
Centre for African Studies, UCT

St Mary's Church - "Eye of the Artist"

Primart, Claremont

Makeleni's work has featured in group shows in Oxford, England and in America in 1992. His work has also been exhibited at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town

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Title: Man and His Wife
Media: Wood sculpture
Size: 43 x 24 x 10 cm
Price: R 5 000
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