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Born 1974

He said the following about his work Rebirth, Arising, Awakening .This artwork was exhibited on the Renaissance Print Makers Exhibition at the Cape Gallery.:

We live in times when we as human beings urgently need to take responsibility for our role on earth, and take effective action towards the dissipation of all the problems that possess threat to the existence of man and the condition of his life on earth.

The African inspiration is for humanity. We must look to high spiritual ideals for inspiration and evoke the spirit of the African Renaissance and making it work for us, it is an energetic and changed state that derives potency from the recognition that there is meaning and purpose to life, it consists with recognizing and identifying with the primal energy that brought about the existence of this world.

The positive creative energy that ordained and predestined every living thing to be is our ancient past. Our African humankind can save the world from facing disaster.

All evil endeavours, like trying to bridge creation with new inventions. Going ahead of time with new technology and experimenting on mankind will fail and only lead us to the path of self destruction.

In this age of enlightenment and evolutionary development, self questioning and exploration is vital for self realization. The revival of African divinity involves a sense of fearlessness, courage and boldness that needs to be exercised for daily living.


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Ricky Dyaloyi
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Title: Endure the Test Child 3/50 '98
Size: 35 x 58 cm
Media: Linocut
ID: 14485
Price: R 9 000 Unframed
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